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Recent news, articles, video clips and statistics about social media.

SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO: What every user needs to know.

Despite the copious amount of time and attention spent on Social Media applications and services, few people pause to think about why it exists, how it works, or the motivations of the companies behind it. This video is an in-depth look at how social media works and the implications for users. For a download link ...

Social Media: Additional Reading & Resources

Additional resources, books, and other references material.

Resources from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Social media resources found at, prophetic statements about technology, quotes about social media and missionary work, etc.

Social Media Tips for Parents and Families

There are several things families can do to ‘act’ rather than be ‘acted upon’ by social media influences.  Here are several specific and practical suggestions that can be a starting point for managing social media in your family: Talk about social media with your spouse and children. Hear what they have to say, share your ...

8 Things to Know About Social Media

Social Media began as a place family and friends could connect by sharing personal messages, experiences, photos and even silly cat videos.  Things changed when these services realized personal data was a vast and monetizable reservoir. When you use a social media app or service, you have given them permission to collect and leverage data ...

Links to clips from the Social Media Video

The SOCIAL MEDIA video includes several clips from other sources. This post contains links to the original full-length videos.

Social Media Video Transcript

Full transcript from the video.