8 Things to Know About Social Media

Social Media began as a place family and friends could connect by sharing personal messages, experiences, photos and even silly cat videos.  Things changed when these services realized personal data was a vast and monetizable reservoir.

When you use a social media app or service, you have given them permission to collect and leverage data about who you are, what you do, what you say online, and much more.

The following summarizes the points covered in the SOCIAL MEDIA video.

  1. Collects and aggregates personalized data by monitoring everything you do online.
  2. Uses behavior design and persuasion science to increase its effectiveness.
  3. Is very good at learning specifically about you and deriving individual persuasion profiles.
  4. Uses your persuasion profile to make content, apps and websites personally addictive.
  5. Sell what they know about you to others.
  6. Is a conduit for attempts to influence what you think and believe.
  7. Assume everything you do may become public.
  8. Assume everything is permanent – the Internet never forgets.


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